Crash Repair
Having an accident is an upsetting and dramatic moment, it means that you have a dent in your car that needs fixing. BUT it needs fixing properly. When repairing a car it is important that in one, two or three years time you do not find that the "repair" is blooming or showing age against the rest of the car. The repair of an accident is important to you, as it can hinder the sale or reduce the value of the car at the time you need it looking its best, the time you come to sell the car. At Krazybodywork we have the experience and equipment to ensure you get a long term repair from the unfortunate accident you have had. We will help you with the insurance claim.

Have you ever dreamed of restoring an old car, maybe you are in the middle of a restoration now? Or just planning to purchase a car to restore. Whatever your requirements we are specialists in Car restoration. We also love car customising, so if you want the bodykit or paintwork that will make people turn their heads we can help. We are available for all car customising from wheels to bodykits, neon to sound installation.

Car Servicing
Car servicing in these modern times is becoming a nightmare. Gone are the days of changing plugs on the driveway and maintaining your own car. We at Krazybodywork, realise that and are also aware that taking the car to a main dealer is an expensive alternative. We have all the experience, qualifications and equipment required to look after your motoring needs. We charge a sensible rate for our labour, we also offer a collection and delivery service, should you require. If you are looking for a reliable car mechanic, who will look after you and your wallet or purse, then call us at Krazybodywork and ask for a quote

Bespoke Paintwork
Not only do we offer car repairs and paintwork, we can paint almost anything - from bike frames to crash hemlets, and wheelchairs to furniture! If you want it painting, we can paint it. Contact us for more information.